Setting up


Follow the instructions in the [Installation and Startup Guide], up to [Description of obsinfo file structure]. Note that we have no Windows verification/development system, so Linux or MacOS systems are preferred (or someone who will verify/modify the code for Windows)

Copying an example database into your folder

run obsinfo-setup -d example_dir to create an directory containing a full set of example information files

Creating a StationXML file using the example database

  • go into example_dir/Information/Files/network
    • you should see several *.network.yaml files, including

  • type obsinfo-makeStationXML

if all is in order, a valid StationXML file named SPOBS.INSU-IPGP.station.xml should be created. An easy way to verify is to try to read into obspy, like this:

Note that obsinfo-makeStationXML creates one StationXML file per station.