Creating a StationXML file using your own instruments and deployments

In each case, use:

  • associated example and schema files to help you create the file(s)

  • obsinfo-validate to validate your file(s)

  • obsinfo-print for something?

  • obsinfo-makeStationXML to verify that you can create a StationXML file

Creating a network file (using the example instruments)

Create your own network file, using existing instruments in the example_directory.

First-level associated files: network Second-level associated files: author, network-info, operators,


Adding your own sensor/datalogger/analog filter

Add and validate sensor, datalogger and/or preamplifier(s) in the example_directory. Modify an example instrumentation file to reference the new compoent(s) and create a StationXML file

First-level associated files: datalogger, sensor, preamplifier,

stage, filter

Second-level associated files: author

Adding your own instrumentation

Create a new instrumentation (OBS), using your newly created components and any other specific information

First-level associated files: instrumentation Second-level associated files: author, operators

Putting it all together

Create a network file corresponding to a deployment of your own instruments.