The sections here concern the coding of some of the more complicated aspects of obsinfo, to help with future modifications and debugging:


explains how delay, offset, and delay_correction are implemented and related. This is actually a fairly simple concept but the basic principals must not be lost/forgotten.


This is one of the most important/complicated sections because it allows the user to completely modify an instrumentation from the station level. Uses ObsMetadata


File discovery allows people to put their databases where they want, even on the web. I don’t know what the relationship is between the web address specified in the datapath parameter and the specific gitlab_* parameters, need to figure it out.


A subclass of dict that allows one to change any value using a specified parallel dict, without modifying other values. Used for channel_modification, but I think also for other stuff.

This class also has all of the information file reading, validating and identifying, which I think should maybe belong to another class


An overview of the unittest files used to stabilize/verify the results when the code is updated