Python architecture


The following command-line executables perform the main tasks:

  • makeSTATIONXML: generates StationXML files from a network + instrumentation information files

$ python3 makeStationXML -h

displays all the options of makeStationXML.

To create a StationXML file from a file called <filename>, type:

$ python3 [options] filename
  • obsinfo-validate: validates an information file against its schema

  • obsinfo-print: prints a summary of an information file

The following command-line executables make scripts to run specific data conversion software:

  • obsinfo-make_LCHEAPO_scripts: Makes scripts to convert LCHEAPO data to miniSEED

  • obsinfo-make_SDPCHAIN_scripts: Makes scripts to drift correct miniSEED data and package them for FDSN-compatible data centers

Package and Modules

The package name is obsinfo

obsinfo.main contains code to initialize the main obsinfo routine, to read and potentially validate main (network) information file and to write StationXML file and obsinfo.instrumentation contain the main code to process the corresponding information files.

obsinfo.OBSMetadata contains code to read and validate information files in either YAML or JSON formats.

obsinfo.misc contains miscellaneous code, currently deprecated and unsupported, which is not used anymore in the application

obspy.addons contains modules specific to proprietary systems:

  • obspy.addons.LCHEAPO creates scripts to convert LCHEAPO OBS data to miniSEED using the lc2ms software

  • obspy.addons.SDPCHAIN creates scripts to convert basic miniSEED data to OBS-aware miniSEED using the SDPCHAIN software suite

  • obspy.addons.OCA creates JSON metadata in a format used by the Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur to create StationXML

Auxiliary subdirectories


data/schema contains JSON Schema for each file type.


Contains example information files and scripts:

  • _examples/Information_Files contains a complete set of information files

    • _examples/Information_Files/network contains network files

    • _examples/Information_Files/instrumentation contains instrumentation, instrument_components, response and filter files.

  • _examples/scripts contains bash scripts to look at and manipulate these files using the executables. Running these scripts is a good way to make sure your installation works, looking at the files they work on is a good way to start making your own information files.


Contains test cases and code using The tests are performed either on the information files under test/data or on _examples.

Comments on versioning

We use standard MAJOR.MINOR.MAINTENANCE version numbering but, while the system is in prerelease:

  • MAJOR==0

  • MINOR increments every time the information file structure changes in a non-backwards-compatible way

  • MAINTENANCE increments when the code changes or the file structure changes in a backwards-compatible way