Version 0.111

Renamed elements

  • network to subnetwork

  • network:network_info to subnetwork:network

  • location_base:localisation_method to location_base:measurement_method

Improved StationXML conformity

  • authors renamed to persons, now has same fields as StationXML Person

  • operator subelements are now agency (string), contacts (list of persons), website (URL string)

  • changed several elements corresponding to StationXML multi-instance elements into arrays:

    • operators, operator:contacts, person:names, person:agencies, person:emails, person:phones

    • Note: did NOT change equipment to equipments because would make it much more complicated to update using modifications and configuration

  • added network:operator element

  • removed instrumentation:operator element

  • Added StationXML-compatible id/source elements

    • stage, filter and equipment: resource_id

    • channel and station: source_id, external_references and identifiers

    • network: source_id, identifiers

  • Added other StationXML fields:

    • channel, station and network: restricted_status

    • location and station: water_level.m

    • stage: calibration_dates

    • equipment: installation_date, removal_date, calibration_date

Improved AROL conformity

  • changed poles and zeros specifications from 2-element arrays to string x + yj

  • replaced offset by delay.samples

Added base-configuration-modifications structure

To the following elements:

  • instrumentation: instrumentation, datalogger, preamplifier, sensor and stage

  • other: location and clock_correction_linear

Other cleanup

  • replaced network: reference_name and network: campaign_reference_name by subtnework: reference_names: {campaign: , operator}

  • changed azimuth and dip into objects with value, uncertainty and measurement_method fields (only value is required)

  • added delay.seconds for analog filters (ANALOG and PolesZeros)

  • moded serial_numner, modifications and channel_modifications from station level to station: instrumentation level

Version 0.110

  • 0.110.11:
    • Added obsinfo-makescripts-LC2SDS

  • 0.110.12:
    • Fixed bug in clock correction reading (leapsecond and drift)

    • Made obsinfo-makescripts-LC2SDS write to campaign directory by default

    • Fixed some (not all) StationXML bugs:
      • Made clock correction Comments using JSON

      • Removed restrictedStatus=’unknown’ (invalid) from StationXML

      • Fixed bugs in Decimation filters and stage #s

      • Standardized uncertainties in Poles, Zeros, Elevation, Dip, Azimuths

    • Bugs that will probably have to wait for version 0.111:
      • instrumentation serial number and configurations not accounted for

  • 0.110.13:
    • Made all obsinfo-test cases work

    • Added “serial_number” to station level (temporary fix before v 0.111)

    • Updated JSON schema to draft07, allowing more precise/compact information on mutiple-choice errors (e.g., different types of filter)

  • 0.110.14:
    • Added StationXML test case and made it work

    • made python -m unittest discover work

  • 0.110.15:
    • corrected JSON validation schema for orientation_code

    • improved azimuth.deg and dip.deg schema definitions

    • Fixed a bug in reporting schema validation errors (in introduced when shifting to draft07

    • Reduced a bug when a jsonref points to an inexistent pointer within a file

    • Uses Python 3.8-dependent syntax despite only requiring Python 3!

  • 0.110.16:
    • Clean up information file validation, removing many redundancies in main/ and hopefully fixing bug where schema files lacking “.schema.yaml” are searched for

    • Requires Python 3.7 syntax and only uses 3.7-dependent syntax

    • post2: streamlines obsinfo-makescripts_LC2SDS’s output

  • 0.110.17:
    • Improvements to channel_modifications:
      • Make reading a new sensor, datalogger or preamplifier work

      • Enable shortcuts for entering serial number

      • Updated documentation

    • Added developer and information_file documentation in channel_modifications/

    • Moved tests up to united top-level directory

    • offset can be a non-integer

  • 0.110.18:
    • Added datacite information file

    • Added schema and validation of datacite, author, location_base, network_info and operator information files

    • Cleaned up some information file validation glitches