As a summary, remember obsinfo strives for reuse and flexibility.

  1. Try to use the hierarchy referencing files as much as possible. This allows reuse across files and different campaigns.

  2. Use yaml_anchors for reuse in the same file

  3. Start from simple files with only required fields and build up from that

  4. You can add notes at any level. You can add extras only in network, station and instrumentation files. Only extras and comments will be reflected as comments in StationXML.

  5. Make extensive use of the * default channel to avoid repeating redundant information in different channels.

  6. Make extensive use of configuration_definitions to avoid duplicating the same components with little variations

  7. Remember: * channel default preferably for complete substitutions of a component or of a default configuration. config_selection for changing the list of response_stages, filter parameters, equipment fields.

File templates are available to help you start writing your information files.


This finishes our tutorial. For more detailed information please review the Classes hierarchy where attributes are described in detail and some optional attributes that were not discussed here for the sake of brevity are explained. Have fun using obsinfo!

If you find any issues or have any questions please use the Issues functionality of gitlab: